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A highly sought after commercial director and world-renowned photographer, Dean Freeman is a practitioner of performance-driven filmmaking. A master of imagery and pursuer of perfection in every frame, Dean’s ability to produce engaging, nuanced performances has earned him a reputation as a pre-eminent contemporary iconographer.

Lifestyle and fashion are in Dean's DNA. His father Robert Freeman shot the first five album covers for The Beatles, and so at just sixteen years old Dean followed in his footsteps - leaving school to pursue his passion for storytelling through whatever means possible. Be it a fashion shoot with a supermodel or a more personal project designed to shine a light on ordinary people, Dean’s intimate but energetic style will always result in a memorable and heart-felt performance that pulsates with sensuality and emotion. The "go-to" director for integrated advertising campaigns, Dean's black and white work for Axis Bank with Deepika Padukone and the worldwide campaign for Häagen-Dazs starring Bradley Cooper are both as poetic as they are playful, setting the benchmark for celebrity-driven advertising campaigns. 

Recently Dean has done some exceptional work in the short form docu space; with his series of films on movement and dance in Cuba. He has explored the passion of a spanish ballerina and the unique lives of artists and raconteurs alike. Always creating an elevated visual world around his storytelling.
But no matter what the subject matter is, Dean's approach remains the same - utilising his unique skill set to explore the human condition. “It’s always been that way,” states Freeman. “I use the same approach with an A-list celebrity that I use with an anonymous kid in the street. People are people, sometimes real, sometimes surreal....but the stories they want to tell will never cease to amaze me.”