Praise for The Newsstand:
"This. Is. Awesome."
"In a digitalized world, it is a small haven for printed media."
"There’s enough crammed into the tiny space to keep an art lover occupied for years."

The Newsstand

Publisher: Rizzoli
Art Direction & Design: Pau Wau
Author: Lele Saveri
Interviews & Text: Ken Miller

Created in collaboration
with Alldayeveryday

ISBN: 9788998143190
First Edition

The Newsstand Book is a compilation of contemporary and independently produced zines, books, and artworks from more than 200 publishers and artists such as Aaron Cometbus, Phil Aarons, Daniel Arnold, Peter Sutherland and many more. Including artwork, interviews, and texts from over 300 artist publications, the book documents and encapsulates the story of The Newsstand, a pop-up retail space conceptualized and produced by Alldayeveryday and curated by Lele Saveri.

Originally located in the Lorimer/Metropolitan Avenue stop of the L/G trains in Brooklyn, New York, The Newsstand had relocated to a new home in the MoMA’s “Ocean of Images” photography exhibit.

Read our retrospective article about taking The Newsstand from the grimes of the Brooklyn station to the bright lights of the MoMA.