Alldayeveryday worked with Retrosuperfuture to launch their first US retail store in New York. The Retrosuperfuture store opened Friday 11/22/2013 to VIPs, press, friends, family and public from 2–8pm to experience and view the space for the first time.

Opening Party:

  • Over 400 attendees walked through the store from 6pm-8:30pm
  • 83% attendance rate of Allday Ambassadors in attendance (average is 40%)
  • 35 additional private showings scheduled for editors that were not able to make opening day

In addition to the physical store launch, we worked with relevant influencers to spread the word online and in the press.


  • 18 published stories with 11,672, 986 total circulation
  • 248,000 mimimum impressions on Twitter
  • 158,000 minimum views on Instagram
Retrosuperfuture US Retail Launch