As part of a broader campaign to enhance the perception of running in urban communities, Alldayeveryday worked with Nike to develop NYC Bridgerunners, a globally renowned running club of local artist-athletes.

Over the course of 18 months, we curated and recruited across NYC, growing the club to over 60 regular runners in any even given week.

We identified key members of the NYC creative community that embraced running as part of their lives.

Coming from various backgrounds of fine art, tattooing, fashion, film making, photography, and other creative disciplines, these runners became the core of our of our ongoing initiative and played key roles in the growth and development of the club.

Through a combination of both physical and digital programming, we positioned running along side other action sports, evolving its perception from punishment your gym teacher made you do as a kid to a recreational activity to enjoy with your friends.

We worked with our community of artist athletes to not only document their lives in and outside of the club but we collaborated with them to create content and collateral that could give our message further reach.

Programming included:

  • Weekly group runs, dinners and drinks at the bar
  • Ongoing digital content publishing including interviews, photo stories, running advice, event announcements, and other runner generated content
  • Elevated running experiences such as Harold Hunter’s Memorial Run, (RED) Tied Together, and LiveStrong’s 25th Hour
  • Product creation at Nike’s 255 custom design studio, developed in collaboration with BR members and sold through Nike’s 21 Mercer shop
  • Gallery shows @ Bowery Stadium to showcase and celebrate BR created work