Alldayeveryday worked with Milk Studios for four seasons to launch and build MADE Fashion Week. We developed numerous online properties, social media, and original content in collaboration with brand sponsors and platforms including Tumblr, Vimeo, and

A large part of the content strategy hinged on a series of commissions from the community around Milk Studios. Tim Barber, Casey Neistat, Horacio Silva, and a multitute of others contributed to the site throughout the event.

In addition to photography and written editorial, we commissioned original video content from influential creatives within the Milk Studios community, which including Mariko Munro, LEGS, and Casey Neistat.

"hi heels on a treadmill" by Casey Neistat

Thanks to a partnership we brokered with, we also provide livestreams of fifteen to twenty fashion shows per season. Typically this amounts to over two million aggregate minutes of streaming video delivered to fans. 

We also arranged for Tumblr to send a cadre of bloggers each season as well as syndicating content from Milk Made and its partners on their dedicated #NYFW landing page. This exposure resulted in millions of content views and quickly established Milk Studios as a credible voice in fashion content.