For the Gap Spring 2014 digital campaign, the iconic brand wanted to communicate its core value, American optimism, through the seasonal lens of Lived In.  Alldayeveryday enlisted photographer Koto Bolofo to capture vibrant images that tell three distinct narratives, as Gap shifts their messaging from a traditional fashion quarterly structure to monthly stories.

February's theme, Sorbets, celebrates new beginnings in anticipation of spring. The optimism of the season is matched by the color palette of sorbets, and contrasted by the natural environment of the East coast in February.

The goal for March was to communicate Lived In as an attitude and aesthetic. Lived in comes from living. We admire the people who have the guts to experience life. They are the fabric of American optimism and their spirit – both exciting and intimate – is what inspires us, and what we sought to capture.

In April, the focus is the blue shirt. The blue shirt is a canvas for individualism. It transcends all walks of life, from rebels, to techs, to scholars. It is utility as a means of personal expression. It embodies American optimism.

The final photographs from the campaign are displayed alongside scans and polaroids that showcase the photographer's process.