If you're in the UK stop by Good Press to check out an installation of Maggie Lee's new work. Her show, Swirled 87, is presented by Bronze Age Editions. She'll be showing photographs and custom objects such as mugs and toys.

"Clear red orange brown cherry chocolate almond glycerine soap, UArts, touching a shaved head, basement sweat, empty can of Orangina, disintegrating 7 Seconds T-shirt, laying in bed looking at rotating blacklight star projector, Rocky and Bullwinkle, baby skeleton doll head hung by its black hair, white day bed, cinnamon scented, stained glass window flowers, 70s 90s punk skater mod tomboy hardcore thrift vegan, Pearl Paint, walking in the fall wet rain, laying in bed with crumbs of rubber cement, the scent of a health food store, glow in the dark satan sticker on a tv, sci fi fantasy Mtv, balls of rolled toilet paper in my ears, childhood introduction to culture, recreating and relating to ideas and feelings from memory based on being with my sister in New Jersey/ Philadelphia circa 1993."