Kai Regan

Skrillex, Diplo, and Justin Bieber
NY Times x Make A Hit

Dunk High
Nike SB

Garrett Leight

The Race
Wiz Khalifa

The 5.9 Project

Nike SB

Rich Girls
The Virgins

Alexander Wang

Urban Survival
Alexander Wang

De La Soul: Dunk Low
Nike SB
Kai Regan

Photographer / Director

Originally from California, Kai has been a resident of New York since 1998. His bicoastal history lends itself to daily inspirations both serene and sincere — from a California sunset to a basement hip-hop show in Brooklyn — his work searches for tension between the raw and the refined.

With over a decade of experience at the intersection of art and commerce, Kai has an innate ability to connect with his subjects and capture the unique beauty of each. Whether it’s on the underbelly of the street or within an immaculate studio, he seeks to dissolve the walls between the observer and the observed and create a lasting, provocative, and emotional visual.

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