Justin Tyler Close is a director and artist
from Canada, now residing in Los Angeles. He studied film and photography in art school, after which he spent time developing his talent working on music videos before starting his own publication "The Lab Magazine".

It’s with the magazine that Justin got his first taste in advertising, working with brands on their campaigns and forging connections with the talent featured in the book including the likes of Bryan Cranston, Lykke Li, Wes Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Willem Dafoe and more.

Following the success of Lab magazine, Justin produced the feature film, IN THEIR SKIN, written by his brother Josh Close and starring Selma Blair, James D’arcy, and Rachel Miner. The film premiered at the 2012 Tribeca International Film Festival where it was acquired by IFC Films for widespread theatrical release.

Recent notable commercial work of his includes “The Man Who Could Fly” from MasterCard, Chevrolet’s recent “Canadian Dream” campaign and Citi Bank’s “Kansas City.”

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Canadian Dream
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Life is a Marathon
NIKE x Clinique
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Screen shot 2019 11 26 at 3.25.10 pm
The Man Who Could Fly
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