Defined by  the stylized and graphic universes that he creates, French director Arnaud Boutin creates work that pushes the limits of directing by creating vignettes that showcase an almost dreamlike atmosphere in them. Formerly the AB in ABϟCDϟCD, a 3 person team of directors who got their start with Lilly Allen's "F**k You" music video; Arnaud split ways in 2015 to pursue a solo directing career. Now on his own, Arnaud never slowed down and managed to still put out consistent work with brands such as Absolut, American Express, Gap, Range Rover, Vogue, etc. Arnaud also happens to be a prolific author and illustrator in the advertising and editorial market across the globe.
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Shape of NYC
Land Rover
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Rosie Tapner
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The Pineapple Of Hospitality
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media award
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