Girls, Girls, Girls

Sandy Liang and Gia Seo Double Up Downtown

We met up with Gia Seo and Sandy Liang downtown New York to talk dumplings, fashion and New York's art scene.


‘(Half) Naked and Dressed’

Alex Lee’s ode to Helmut Newton, some not quite nudes.


Creative Type: Designer Toby Feltwell

The fashion designer lays it out: ego, honesty and annoying creative types.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Luisa’s Playboy Dreaming

For this installment of Girls, Girls, Girls, Diggy photographs her friend Luisa Opalesky celebrating the iconic erotic magazine.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Fox at Rest

Julia Fox’s star is ascendant. Catch the fashion upstart posing at home for photographer Miyako Bellizzi.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Liz De La Piedra: The Babe and Her Baby

The Peruvian-born, Australian-raised model and mom relaxes at her Chicago home with our photographer Victoria Jesionek.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Hannah Guest’s Leisure Time

We asked the model & producer a few questions while sun bathing and showering under the Cape Town light.

The Gift Shop

Rashaad Newsome’s ‘King Sandal’

Cop a fresh look with the artist's line of super chic footwear.


Southern California

Part 1 of this immersive journey with the Trip Family as they travel through California.



Jude Liana sneaked backstage during last NY fashion week and snapped some photos. Here is her #NYfashioncreep series.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Alexandra on the Dancefloor

Carefree or careless, free spirit or hothead? Relax, and watch Alexandra go wild, do the splits and look at you straight in the eyes.

Girls, Girls, Girls

High Class Heavy Metal with Atafeh Karimi

Getting to know this Persian-bred American-born designer at her studio in Brooklyn.

Girls, Girls, Girls

The Special Ms. Simpkins

Meet Greer Simpkins, an underwear designer who seems to have escaped from a Polanski movie.

Studio Visit

Get to Know our Guest Editor Haley Wollens

We take a visit to the stylist's studio and discover her style is much more than just clothes.


Modern Matter: Issue 7

Art director, publisher and curator of the magazine, Olu Odukoya discusses the sharpness of Issue 7.

Nacho Alegre, Co-founder of Apartamento, and his pup Lola

Thakoon Panichgul's Tropical Collections and pup Stevie

Thai-American designer who has injected abstract art patterns in his fashion collections talks with Four&Sons.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Meet Rodarte Stylist Ashley Furnival

Eva Michon shoots our new favorite L.A. muse, who is one of the most talented stylist around.