Director's Chair

Matt Baron Shoots for Major Lazer Feat: Justin Bieber and MØ

Matt talks about dancing, glaciers and directing "Cold Water." The latest video for Major Lazer

Girls, Girls, Girls

Tuning in with Discwoman

Discwoman has arrived with a vision: to rewrite the world of the female DJ.

Director's Chair

Matt Baron Films Kendrick Lamar for the Grammys

Matt talks about shooting Compton native Kendrick Lamar in a short for the Grammy’s “Witness Greatness” campaign.

Director's Chair

‘Hot Sugar’s Cold World’: Film Release

Alldayeveryday Director Adam Bhala Lough’s “Hot Sugar’s Cold World” is a cinéma vérité portrait of Nick Koenig, better known as Hot Sugar.

Heavy Set

The Breakup Mixtape

Creative duo Uncle Arnold and Prophet Elijah put together a “breakup mixtape” to help ease the process of quitting their jobs at 300ent.

Heavy Set

Sounds from GRIMEYARD

“GRIMEYARD” blesses us with 60 minutes of grime goodness.

Travel Journal

Edouard: A Young Anthropologist

Music from Thailand has a small following in most of the Western world, but Edouard Degay Delpeuch is one of the young experts.

Travel Journal

Psychedelic Sounds

Thai music could easily be described as “psychedelic,” reminiscent of '70s era bands. But this might be too simple of a description.

Travel Journal

Edouard’s Mixtape

Our expert generously provides a mixtape of the many sounds and melodies that Thai music contains.

Travel Journal

Asiatic Pop’s Melting Pot

Thai music is a melting pot of Cambodian and Filipino touches, while sounds from Korean and Hindi film songs also lay dormant inside.

In Profile

Bringing Down the Walls of Dancehall

We went to REAGGAY, a queer dancehall party, to capture the rager’s Dancehall worshipers in all of their sweat soaked revelry.

Heavy Set

Emile C.’s Figurative House

Emile C. puts the emphasis on “heavy” with almost 60 minutes of deep house and dance music to get your blood pumping.

Heavy Set

‘160 to Gweelos’ by MeLo-X

The multimedia artist prepared an exclusive mix of fast-paced remixes.

Heavy Set

Tunes of Americana by Reid Waters

DJ Reid Waters shares some patriotism and a July 4th mix spanning several decades in this week’s heavy set.

Heavy Set

Nick the Duke

Former party-thrower Nick the Duke made us an exceptionally curated hour long mix for this week's heavy set.

Heavy Set

A Mix from The Wizard

Lukas Walters, of the Bushwick hotspot Tutus, made us a fun mix that'll put you in the mood for an ice cold drink with umbrella and fruits.

Heavy Set

Beats from Co. Fee

The up-and-coming disciple of Los Angeles' beat scene goes crate digging for this week's Heavy Set.

Heavy Set

Doom Dab

Brooklyn's Doom Dab highlights the best of their extensive catalog for this week's Heavy Set.