Artist Weirdo Dave, better known as Fuck This Life, is to magic imagery what Cassius Clay is to boxing: a chosen one. Go see his new show at Home Alone 2 gallery and grab one of his collages before they're all gone. You can't say you didn't know.

Do you spend hours roaming in bookstores? Which bookstores?

For instance, I’ll section the classic musical records with the album covers and that’s where I’ve been getting inspiration from lately. Or for instance I saw that French book about El Greco: "Les Biens Invisibles." A foreign approach about a foreign painter... It was like watching TV from out of town. You see it from a different perspective, you see it from their perspective, you see it with a different set of eyes or its presented to you in a different way. Just the way words are put together is romantic from an outsiders’ perspective.

Let’s talk about your show at Home Alone. The flyer seems to announce a more vintage, softer show than usual.

The way I looked at it: you have the album and then the poster promoting the show. When we did the flyer, there was a flip side to it. So we did the girls and then on the other side there are three images to it. That to me is Fuck This Life: words, imagery, shapes, black and white, full color, physical, drug bag... As for the cover I was into something that was like Twin Peaks swingers ads, just something soft, romantic, ethereal with girls and nothing too intense. The first time we did girls it had intense bondage, fetish craze, and then they had to switch it up for the e-mail. I don’t have a problem with it. I just wanted to do something different. I didn’t want to do an FTL collage. If you do that people will be like “I get it, alright, I’ve seen it,” and then if you see the show then you will be like “Oh, that’s not the show.” But it’s still Fuck This Life. 

How did the idea for the show come across?

Here's one thing I like about Leo [Fitzpatrick]. He’s like: do a bio; do this; do that. The way Leo and me have been doing things and been doing stuff seems effortless.

How are the collages in there? Are they different from your previous ones?

What I got into was doing collages on black paper. Then the zine stuff that I’ve done has all been black in white on black paper. I got psyched on that. Catching the lines off the image. For me, it’s a one on one thing, you’re cutting out images to show that it’s physical and to catch the sliver off the image. Even if it’s just that little sliver, when you put it on that black you can see that it came off the white. Just that ghost stuff, that sliver, I’m into that. I’m also psyched on pin striping. The way stuff pops off black, that’s what I’m into.

People are always trying to tell you what to do, what’s the vision and that’s not what art is. I love Leo and Nate [Lowman] for that. As a creative person, for them to be like just do it, that was it, art is when you do it from the heart. So I was like damn. Ten [collages] is what I wanted to do: nine by twelve. That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to fill the page with words and then I got into jazz. Everything was like straight ahead a line of words. It’s more intense with tune-ups. It’s not thirty thousand notes.

Tell us about the process behind making those collages?

There are three that are black and white on mini. Then the rest are color on black and white. I feel like it’s skating a pool. You go around the corner and go over the death box and then you go over the stairs. I feel like each year it’s a big concert. Hopefully, it will be sick as fuck. I love the Home Alone Show. After the show you can bury me and put me in a casket.

Once you're buried, what epitaph do you want on your tombstone?

“Beach Boys.” Or “Just Like Heaven.”

“Just like Heaven”…

I love that song. That’s what I wanted to name the show. No matter what the moments are. Shitty moments, ill moments, intense craze whatever, when I hear that song: du du doon du doo. I leave this earth for a 3 or 4 minutes.

Okay, that's for the tombstone.  What about your crib?

On my crib? “Turn back”… I don’t know if there was anything on my crib. “You suck.” “Bastard.” Fuck… “One day you won’t be here anymore.” “There’s nobody like you.”