It's been said that Cali Thornhill Dewitt is a legend that's living in his own time. Cali lives in Los Angeles which is funnily appropriate due to his name. And the fact that Cali really loves LA — during the summer he goes to Manhattan Beach every weekend with his friends. He is always posting pictures on Witch Hat, the photo blog he shares with his wife, Jenna Thornhill Dewitt.

Cali always has a project going on — whether creating videos for Dunes, Hunx & His Punx, and Antwon, shooting the cover for the new Hoax LP, or running his label, Teenage Teardrops. He also hosts a radio show on KCHUNG every week.

When he's at his studio, he's busy making and curating art — busy producing t-shirts, mixtapes and zines. We found him at his studio when we stopped by to see him in action, making a sweatshirts, and constantly keeping us inspired.