Jason Stewart, affectionately known as Them Jeans, is one of our favorite DJs. His music spans genres, but has one vitally important thing in common – it makes you wanna dance. We asked him to spin up some Halloween tunes for us, and tell us more about all his intriguing side projects.

What does Them Jeans mean?

The name Them Jeans comes from a couple things.  I used to paint graffiti a lot and my name was “Jeans,” also around the time I chose it, “them jeans” was a popular phrase in lots of rap songs, and the name of a Master P song.

Tell us about your weekly podcast - Tall Tales?

Tall Tales is a podcast I started a few years back with my co-host Nikki Jagerman.  It’s a weekly comedy show and we’ve had everyone from Diplo to Catfish’s Max Joseph to RiFF RaFF & many more!  I also just started a weekly food podcast called The Stew with my friend Chris Chang, it’s the same thing but more about food and less about music.

Your favorite spot to DJ?

My favorite spot to DJ is probably in LA, for warehouse parties, I’ve been playing here for so long I usually know what kinda music the crowd wants, for New York I always have a great time at Le Bain.  I also have a lot of fun in South America whenever I head down there.

Any upcoming shows or plans for ThemJeans?

I’m playing a couple Halloween parties this week here in LA, and heading on a road trip across America from NY to LA, and hitting a few cities on the way for shows.

Where do you have to eat and go out when you’re in NYC?

When I’m in NY I love getting breakfast at Baz Bagel, and when I go there next week I plan on hitting Okonomi as soon as I get to Brooklyn.


Be sure to visit Them Jean's soundcloud here and follow him on instagram.