Jerry Hsu is an accomplished skateboarder and street photographer hailing from Southern California, where his talents lead him to occasionally capture golden moments of realness — instances that might be passed over in the drone-like routine of day-to-day life.

Recently, Jerry has been really busy — with a new book out on SPA, entitled “The Killing Season”, Jerry’s photography also recently appeared in Jesse Pearson’s “Nudity Today”, showcasing emerging photographers’ nude portraiture. This month, his work appears in “Apparatus”, a group show curated by Tim Barber at M+B Gallery, as well as having his own month-long solo exhibition at Family Books, named “The Observable Universe”. The show intends to showcase more of his object-oriented photos, and images from that series are shown here.

"Most of the stuff in the photos are sort of neutral until someone points out that something is there — and I guess that someone is me in taking the photos — but there are a couple moments where you look at an image and your mind just starts asking questions and creating scenarios for what’s there."