Here is a short recap of the hilarious and mysterious, fun and uplifting girls we've met throughout the year.

Louise Parker

This 6 foot tall bombshell is Roe Ethridge's muse in his book "Le Luxe" and frequently walks the runway for YSL and Dior. In her downtime you might find her roaming the Egyptian wing at The MET. 

"The Egyptian wing in the Met is one of my favorite places to wander and get lost in."

Ashley Furnival

Fashion Editor and Stylist Ashley Furnival is one known for her sharp eye and California touch. We love her outgoing, genuinely generous personality, and her great sense of style.

"I always was more of Dylan girl than Brandon girl…"

Chloe Wise

Humor is always an ingredient - if not the essence - of Chloe's art. Her je-ne-sais-quoi of absurdly unique (while exuberant and weird) approach sets her apart.

"TV commercials, yoga culture, Tim & Eric, David Lynch, Cindy Sherman, little kids outfits, cartoons, Jewish food, Jewish people. That's my inspiration."

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