Alldayeveryday director Jake Sumner's latest film for The Nowness looks at the noodle-obsessed restaurateur from Long Island, Ivan Orkin, as he takes us through the eight elements in his perfect bowl of Ramen. 

Orkin who is remarkable for becoming a culinary marvel in ramen noodles after opening two ramen joints in Tokyo, his first in 2007. “As a white guy from New York opening a shop in the heart of ramen land, I dealt with some pretty hard customers,” he muses. “But New York’s the same—there I’m still a white guy making ramen, and trying to convince people that I can cook noodles.”

Momofuku’s Lucky Peach magazine first introduced Orkin’s Eastern adventures back to North America. “I had terrible culture shock when I came back to New York two years ago,” adds the chef of his re-assimilation. “During my 30-year relationship with Japan, I had spent a long time learning how to do things a certain way.” Back in Japan, the chef’s bespectacled profile is emblazoned on his own best-selling range of Sapporo Ichiban instant ramen, seducing the public from local supermarket aisles with his rye-flecked, Jewish deli-influenced noodles.

Inspired by the seminal Japanese noodle Western film “Tampopo”, director Jake Sumner captures Ivan Orkin’s stateside debut, the Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop at Gotham West Market in Hell’s Kitchen.