The Meatpacking District has been the epitome for downtown Manhattan’s bourgeois transformation—and in Galerie ABP, in an empty storefront that once housed an overpriced burger restaurant, “The $16 Burger Show” is Clayton Patterson’s first exhibition alongside his wife, and long-time collaborator, Elsa Rensaa.

As the Lower East Side’s resident archiver and artist, Clayton Patterson has seen his neighborhood change from a community of musicians, artists, skateboarders, Latino families, synagogues, and dive bars into an upscale locale. “The $16 Burger Show” is, in a sense, a reversal of this nature; not so much a return to one’s roots, as much as the roots reclaiming their own.

The exhibition is a rare glimpse into the life of a New York City legend who has quietly maintained an immense amount of creative output throughout the past three decades—and much of which has been crafted in partnership with Elsa. The artist’s eponymous caps on display show the meticulous embroidery work which are a direct reflection of their intimate working relationship.

The pop-up gallery opened this past week, and foregrounds never-before-seen works scored from Clayton and Elsa’s museum-like house on Essex street, along with a selection of the artist's embroidered caps, and an array of new works. Screenings of films relevant to Clayton's prolific career, “Captured” and “10 Men Talking”, are scheduled throughout the month.

“The $16 Burger Show: Clayton Patterson with Elsa Rensaa”, 58-60 9th Ave. Exhibition until May 14.