The feature of this week's Girls, Girls, Girls series is Talvi Faustmann, one-half of Prince Innocence, a melancholic synth-pop duo from Toronto. Talvi sings with a nonchalant and nostalgic style, comfortably numbed in her own reverie. Photographer Maya Fuhr met up with Talvi to grab a drink, which ended up looking better than it tasted.

Where does the name Prince Innocence come from? 

It's a dumb inside joke that ended up sticking because the consonance is shiny sounding.

Favorite song of 2014?

'Balamb Garden' by Arca. It came out three years ago but whatever.

Least favorite music genre?

I have always been resentful of how untouchable some people seem to think punk is as a genre. I have a theory that when you see people  with a really outdated hair-dos it's because they have kept the hair-do from the period of their life when they were the happiest. That is how I feel about people who are still super into punk and are really critical of other music. Like they found something good at what they think was the prime of their lives and are now unconsciously afraid to move on.

What are you drinking?

It was a blue martini that was pretty bad.

What inspires you?

I like sort of desolate, liminal, open places, like the suburbs or the outskirts of town.

Biggest fear?

Don't have fears so much as a lot of dread.

Favorite place to go out?

Even though I can't afford the drinks I like the Shangri-La hotel lobby. They pump some sort of perfume in the air and 60-year-old business men inevitably slither over and expose their sad inner lives to you.

Favorite thing about Canada?

Canadians don't have that warm, fuzzy feeling of being aligned with a great, widely admired, cultural narrative like the U.S. But a lot of those narratives are pretty flawed anyway and we actually have the chance to create our own.