Issue 01 of this style-driven design magazine focused on emerging culture is available for presale. We talked with our friend Harry Gassel, the founder of Talk, about the magazines collaboration with our Gift Shop, the ideas behind their company, and their Red Bull Gift Shop launch party, June 19th. 

What pushed you to do a magazine?

While there are a ton of great culture magazines out there, we didn’t see one with a graphic design focus and the exact point of view that we are looking for, something that speaks to our generation of designer. Mostly we want to make a record of what’s happing now, and a print periodical seems like the right way to do that. It’s like how Linklater had to use film instead of video or digital in order to be sure of the continuity in Boyhood—print has that staying power.

“We were looking for something that speaks to our generation of designers.”

What’s the aim of this project? Where does the originality lie?

Our content is really just a factor of the time and place and our particular way of pulling things together. For example, this issue we paired Lucinda Trask from LIKE Clothing with Eric Mack, a painter who’s work is deeply inspired by both street and runway fashion, and we commissioned them to rethink a traditional fashion editorial. Then we brought David Brandon Geeting to shoot the energy and personality of the two models, London Zhiloh and Yu Dy, the piece just came alive in David’s studio. It became a collaboration of a group of artists, each with a very powerful and specific stylistic sensibility, like that first great garage band practice where everyone just locks in. The magazine is meant to reflect a community that is already out there doing things, but maybe we can intervene here or there to make moments happen. Our hope is to pull in a lot of different scenes or lone wolf practitioners, and give everyone a new home to start publishing new work and ideas.

How often will the print issue be published? Will you have a digital version as well? 

We are planning to publish in print three times a year. It feels like the right amount to us where we can take the time we need to incubate more complicated projects and ideas, but quick enough where topical things can feel relevant through to the end of our production cycle. It’s also a school year September, January, June (ish) which seems good. We plan to do web-specific content on the next version of our site, but it will be something tailored to the medium for sure. If print gives us the opportunity to make a lasting record, then web (and other forms of digital) can let us tell stories in very different ways and commission very different kinds of work.

“We see this as a pilot episode.”

What are you especially proud of in this first issue?

Mostly proud that we could convince so many talented people that we were doing something worthy of there time and effort and then following through with actually getting something out there. Whether or not it’s worthy is maybe still TBD. Though we see this as a pilot episode, a proof of concept we hope to expand on over time. We also did this without kickstarter.

What do you have in mind for the launch? 

We’re doing an event in collaboration with the Red Bull Gift Shop. We’re gonna do some editions with the Gift shop as well to go along with the magazine. We’re still booking the party, but hopefully it has some connection aurally and visually to what we do in print. Earlier this year we did a party at The Allgold space in the MoMA PS1 printshop called Club Cola where we took some concepts we’d been playing with for the magazine and turned them into a club night. We also covered that effort in this issue ... so hopefully there will be a little of that spirit going on as well. You be the judge! It’s on June 19th.

Fashion designer: Lucinda Trask

Painter: Eric Mack

Dress: Yu Dy and London Zhiloh

Photography: David Brandon Geeting