5 Things asks people to share a short list about what they're currently about, or interested in.

Moving Mountains is the name of Syrette Lew's Brooklyn-based design studio. Producing furniture, bags, and jewelry that centers somewhere between design, art, and industrial design, Moving Mountains is a refined nod to simplicity and functionality. The name Moving Mountains, Lew explains, is a tribute to the Hawaiian archipelago and its "imperceptible movement northwestward"; possibly the most explicit example of a geological phenomena.

1. Marcello Morandini

Recently a friend asked me to propose some ideas for a public art piece and I found myself really drawn to the work of Morandini.  A quick Google image search will show you he is a jack of all trades, prolific in the fields of art, design and architecture.  It's hard not to be mesmerized by his creations for he is a master visual illusionist, deftly wielding black and white forms to represent different types of movement.

2. Spicy Turkey Sandwich from Campbell Cheese and Grocery

This little joint is not that close to my studio but, I will go out of my way just to get this sandwich because it is hands down, my favorite sandwich: Smoked Turkey, Jalapeño Slaw, Prairie Breeze Cheddar, Berber Mayo, Ciabatta.  Decadent it is, but not in a gross way.  Get it, it's good!

3. The Book of American Windsor Furniture

You like meticulous hand-drawn orthographic drawings of Windsor chairs?  Then this book is for you! I’ve designed more than a couple Windsor chairs in my time and this is what I consider to be the Bible.  I don’t remember where I found it but it’s filled with the most beautiful drawings complete with dimensions for every angle and turning.  I highly recommend this book for any aspiring Windsor chairmaker or designer. It's a goldmine.

4. David Attenborough’s “Life of Mammals” series

I found this series on Netflix a couple weeks ago and became obsessed.  It follows the evolution and habits of various mammal species over 10 episodes. Attenborough is a little hokey but it really is some of the best footage I’ve seen of animals in their natural habitat. Check out this whale mating segment. It starts off slow but prepare to be fascinated and slightly weirded out.

:Party Time" (B-side Version) by The Heptones

I have a very deep, deep love for rocksteady and roots reggae which generally comes out during the summer months.  It's pure nostalgia for me and this jam in particular takes me instantly back to my days growing up in Hawaii.  More like a lullaby than what the title suggests, it's the perfect wind down when driving back from a beach filled day. Imagine fatigued bodies, sweet ocean air, elbows out the window, surfboards piled up while the sun begins to set on the horizon...


Some images of Syrette's recent work: