In his forthcoming book "Strange Paradise", photographer and artist Charlie Rubin presents a vibrant and prismatic body of work that explores the intersection of actuality and artifice from a gently surrealist perspective.

Touching on notions of perception and uneasiness in the exchange between digital and physical, Rubin draws on a variety of creative processes to produce vivid impressions of his experience. In some instances, he uses Inkjet ink as a post-processing tool to color images printed from the same machine, which are then re-scanned to become standalone pieces. The end result produces images as abstracted compositions, drenched in layers of colorful expression. This visual style holds true throughout his body of work, even with images that haven't been altered or manipulated, presenting a relationship with light and color that gives the viewer insight into Rubin's intuition for the photographic process.

Strange Paradise releases this Fall through Conveyor Arts, and will be available for purchase at the New York Art Book Fair.