McNally Jackson has been a cornerstone bookstore for the downtown independent press community, not only for being a great meeting place, but as well for their constantly stacked literary events, and for carrying an all-inspiring print selection.

In conjunction with The Newsstand, we asked McNally Jackson to curate a small selection of independent magazines, showcasing their favorite rare and small-press titles from all over the globe.

We spoke to Ames Geroud, their manager, to tell us more about the best on their shelves, all of which can be found at the Metropolitan Avenue station.

Pin-Up is a biannual magazine published in New York focused on architectural entertainment, and it evades many of the trends set forth by more conventional titles in this genre in playing down seriousness, showcasing sexiness, and being an accessible read.

Hot & Cool
Hot & Cool is a rising star among the London publishing community. Heavily focused on fashion editorials, it has a noticeably different approach — for example, a street fashion story uses Google Street View to zoom in on outfits worn by pedestrians.

Bidoun is an arts and culture magazine reporting on the Middle East, providing a fresh and distinctive voice. Two of their best issues appear in The Newsstand: the “Library” issue and the “Pulp” issue.

White Zinfandel
White Zinfandel, or “White Zinf,” as people informally call it, is an art magazine that focuses solely on the culture of food, but from an arts perspective. For instance, what happens to food when it’s prepared by a performance artist or by an architect? Each contributor examines food through the lens of their own art practices.

Tissue will get you hot and bothered with every turn of the page. Published twice a year out of Hamburg, Germany, Tissue’s only hypothetical aesthetic rival could be the most carefully curated Tumblr feed. Can your libido handle it?

Texte Zur Kunst
Texte Zur Kunst is arguably the most formidable German-English art writing magazine published today, reporting on the current international contemporary art world. Issues focus on different subjects: including feminism, value in its various forms, and history. Often Texte Zur Kunst presents these topics as problems with unanswerable questions.

Printed Pages
Printed Pages is quite nearly a magazine about all of these magazines. It’s the meta-magazine, it’s self-reflexive of it’s own genre. Technically, it is a print-design magazine but they are very on the pulse with current trends in design, and promoting print aesthetics.

032C is published twice a year out of Berlin — this magazine doesn’t need much convincing to attract interest, someone just needs to point you in the direction of it.

Many young people coming into their first apartments have all been overwhelmingly influenced by the magazine Apartamento. The attitude displayed in Apartamento has become ubiquitous in current culture and their taste has become defining, especially in the growing demand for succulent plants in studio apartments.

F de C Rigeur Reader
F de C Rigeuer Reader is an elusive little fashion annual. It is printed and bound in the same Tokyo print shops as the weekly manga comics, on cheap, pulpy newsprint. The magazine is literally only carried by four shops in the world, it seems, as F de C is very aloof and it is part of its attraction.