In our first installment of a new series we're calling “Errands,” we catch a glimpse into the life of Spencer Sweeney, the artist, musician, DJ, and club owner — a true downtown Renaissance man. Photographer Brayden Olson followed Spencer as he ran some errands in the city, somehow managing to make the most mundane seem pretty fun.

What are you working on?

Been working on Gavin Browns booth for FIAC art fair in Paris.


Travelled a bunch last year for shows in Thailand Scotland Brussells Zurich that one was music with IUD.

What errand did we run?

We went to Soho Art Materials for ….

Best errand to complete?

Any of them really!

How did you get a big Glittered Penis?

Disco Penis was a 3 way with Kembra Phaler and Urs Fisher , Debut at A Horse Meat Disco part at Santo's during Karen Black Performance.

Favorite thing in New York?

The 718 Sessions party, hands down.

Where did you find that Grim Reaper?

I found the reaper in a kind of Bruharia super market in Mexico City

What art show did we check out?

The Weird Show with Peter Coffin, Willy Le Maitre and Agathe Snow at CANADA Gallery.

What were the details about the speaker system we checked out in the hardware store?

Chinese hardware store guy had some ill tube amplifiers and Ill custom made speakers manly using old JBL components — sounds great!