Likes/Dislikes asks interesting individuals to create two lists: one of their likes, one of dislikes. The feature is based on two things: an excerpt from Susan Sontag’s As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh: Journals and Notebooks, 1964-1980 and another from Roland Barthes’ autobiography (trans. Richard Howard, 1977). The exercise, while gratuitous, is rooted in ideas of pattern, construction, specificity, and memory.

Sophie Tajan is a young freelance photographer living in Paris. Her current focus is a limited edition, print-only publication called Sucre Paper, which she creates with Copenhagen-based photographer Angela Blumen.


Google street view, the feeling after seeing a great movie, globes, maps, soft evening sun light and long blue shadows, (shooting on) film, obsessing over a good track, planes, airports, Copenhagen, snow, water, marble, glass, plastic, soft colors, wood, cats in the street, cactus, cooking, swimming, lamps, chairs, notebooks, Zoe Ghertner, Jamie Hawkesworth, the smell(s) of book(s), eggplants, coincidences, cheese. 


Shopping centres, cauliflower, random people saying, "What you looking at?" when you look at them, béchamel sauce, the month of January.


Some images of Sophie's work:

To see more from Sophie, find her Tumblr here.