To celebrate the magazine's new release, we are excited to present a sneak peek of the print publication with two photo series', including exclusive outtakes, plus a foreword by the Creative Director, Matthew Holroyd, introducing the fascinating concept of liquid identities.


One of the key influences for Baron Magazine Issue 3 has been the work of philosopher Zygmunt Bauman on liquid identities, which is the idea of constructing a durable identity over time. 

In Eli Cravens' series of collages for Baron Magazine the pictures, taken from fashion shoots and advertising campaigns, symbolize the way our society is now characterized by prefrabricated images and experiences. Each collage is slightly distorted, as though the artist has been corrupted by a sort of computer virus.

In the photo story Otaku, which the artist Jon Rafman also appropriated for his series, "I am Alone, But Not Lonely, 2013," empty battle stations are shown surrounded by hoards of rubbish. This approach embodies Rafman's well known technique - including an element of technology (here, old computers are shown in each photo) - to depict Bauman's ideas on liquid identities.