Having your hair cut by Sloane Sera makes you realize that the secret to being a veteran in this profession is to make your client feel great — in ways that transcend hair. After a good run at Bumble and Bumble, Sloane now sees clients from her apartment in Chinatown, and her personal approach goes way beyond hair length, style and color. Sloane has had people leave her chair, quit their jobs and start a new life. Magical scissors and her life coach skills are a winning combination. We sat down with Sloane to discuss inspirations, horror stories, and a good place to grab a drink.

What made you want to become a hair stylist?

My mom always used to get her hair done, and it was such a huge part of her life. I remember she was always friends with her hair stylists. I love the relationships I have with my clients. I watch people grow and experience things. They tell me their deepest darkest secrets. I'm a diary with a pair of scissors. It’s the coolest job ever.

Any recent hair horror stories?

I've been very lucky in my career to not have anything tragic happen in my cutting chair. Seriously horror stories can come from miscommunication. But when I cut hair, I turn people away from the mirror so we can catch up and not stare at ourselves. It's a much more pleasant experience. I had a new client once who didn't understand this dynamic, and literally broke out in hives because she didn't have control of the situation. That was super weird.

What hair trend is having a moment right now?

I've been cutting a lot of hair off girls, and helping boys grow theirs out. For me, I just want to give a haircut that looks great on the person. I like when someone has wild color and a more classic cut and then the opposite.

What do you think we can expect next?

I want to see more blondes in New York. People tend to want to go darker in the winter but I'm more into nordic winter looks.

Do you have any particular hair philosophies?

If you’re going through something crazy, don't do anything crazy. And don't cut your hair off after a breakup!

What's your favorite post-appointment bar in the whole world?

Winnie's Bar and Restaurant in Chinatown is always there for you, when you need it.