In honor of the upcoming Allday Photo Show, “Milk & Oysters,” we have taken to getting to know the artists a bit better and gaining a first-hand perspective on their work. Sean Maung’s relationship with Allday began with Lele Savari from 8 Ball Zines, who carried some of Sean’s zines in The Newsstand. The friendship only started there, and soon enough Sean contributed a multimedia photo and audio series for Allday called Street Sense, in which he got down and dirty, investigating the sights unseen in New York City.

Sean’s photograph in “Milk & Oysters” depicts his world: one permeated with “working class people, people in the struggle, people from the hood, immigrants from the third world, t-girls, gangstas, addicts, the youth and other peoples and subcultures that aren't being showcased or represented in an art and fashion world that is almost completely dictated by a eurocentric, white, upperclass demographic.”

With so much subtext to his work, his photography is representational of the cultural melting pot of the city and the problems that face society today. Sean’s creative process is one born from the “spontaneity of being in the street, connecting with people.” Through this he comes upon specific projects he wants to pursue.