It is likely that you've seen the work of Sarah Nicole Prickett among the torrential rain of her magazine bylines, which includes T Magazine, The Globe & Mail, and Artforum, to name a short few, as well as being a contributing editor to The New Inquiry. Apart from being a journalist, essayist and a cultural critic, she one of our favorite writers being brilliant and argumentative on Twitter — she is also known as a public defender of the selfie, a proclaimer of the sext, and is generally always found on her phone. We asked Sarah to share some of her B-Sides, where she shows us herself, her cats, and a sneak peek of her new magazine, Adult, launching this October.

"I take a truly nuts number of photos for someone who's not a photographer. It's an apocalyptic collection of even the stupidest details in nature, or life, like somehow they'll save me from oblivion. I also take a lot of selfies, because hi. These are from May through today."