Our series Girls, Girls, Girls continues with photographer Kathy Lo, as we explore girls and their curious compendiums of shoes. We visit with Sara Hantman, who works at The Journal Gallery and the journal magazine in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where her favorite things about her job is working with artists and collectors, sharing and helping to bring about visions and ideas. With a trip to her apartment, we investigate her shoes, style and pastimes.

Tell us about...

When you're not working, what's your favorite thing to do for downtime?

Taking trips — I recently visited the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The motel I was staying at had a Hooters in the lobby, and a haunted house across the street. It's such a great, wacky city. I also enjoy riding my bike, and reading. I'm currently reading mystery novel, "City of Glass" by Paul Auster.

How do you feel about socks and sandals?

Never understood why not?

Do you have a particular philosophy about you and shoes?

Comfort is first and foremost. Color and texture are good things too.

I noticed you have rollerblades, do you use them? 

Rollerblading is hard in the city, but I love doing it. I stopped after once almost getting hit on 10th and Broadway. But I look forward to busting them out again on Riverside Drive, once the weather gets warm.