Last weekend, the Printed Matter Los Angeles Art Book Fair descended upon us for a second time, with its hundreds of international exhibitors, thousands of publications and objets d'art, overwhelming everyone who passed through its doors.

This year I came home with fewer books and more "art accessories" than ever, including a beautiful ceramic TROLL tongue pipe, and a special The Thing x Dave Eggers shower curtain. I also bought a Printed Matter / Parra car air-freshener multiple, but I may have thrown it out after the smell in my car became unbearable.

Some other print-related highlights from the fair include the Family LA table, the OMMU table where I discovered a really great Spanish publication called Odiseo, and Pau Wau Publications's new Andrew Kuo Jeremy Lin-themed book, Linfinite Jest.

I made frequent visits to The Newsstand table, which had many special events such as a book "stickering" (rather than signing) by Peter Sutherland, and were also selling inexpensive prints of Lele Saveri's commuter series. 

Of course, being there on behalf of Bad Day, one of the perks of being an exhibitor at the fair is having cool people visit your table, making new friends, and chatting with fellow zine and art friques.

I must say the clueless jerk factor at this year's fair was at an all-time low, as everyone who came by had great interest and vibes, making it truly one of our consistently favorite weekends.