Barcelona-based Rosa Rubio founded Los Objetos Decorativos with a focus on creating editions of handcrafted objects designed to forge a subconscious emotional bond with their owners. Her first collection consisted of Surrealist brushes and mirrors outfitted with ostrich feathers and synthetic hair, while her newest series — “Obj. No. 5, 6, 7, and 8” — is meant to evoke the emblems of an imaginary tribe or clan. “Their patterns provide a feeling of belonging,” says Rubio, which in turn conveys a sense of “protection” and “gratification, which every culture stores through these kind of elements.” The one-of-a-kind pieces are made from recycled textiles, which Rubio has embellished with dried plants and small clay beads; read more about the project here, or click here to shop the objects that remain in the edition.

This content has been edited and condensed, originally appearing on Sight Unseen.