Riposte’s 4th issue has launched. The London-based magazine continues its mission to introduce smart women from all over the globe. To celebrate their new issue, founder and editor-in-chief Danielle Pender shares exclusively with us outtakes and introduces us to a new group of inspiring ladies, thoughout her meetings section, below.

Daniele: Our meetings section is a chance for us to select four inspiring women from a range of different disciplines and find out more about their lives, what motivates them, their personal stories. We try to meet the women we feature in the section in places which are personal to them so that the reader really gets a sense of meeting them. We want to avoid publishing straight up interviews with the usual faces who trot out media trained responses. We’re interested in the real stories of the women we feature.


This personal element could come from the writers that interview them so with Susie Bubble we asked her friend writer Joy Yoon to interview her. Susie is a well known figure, her online persona is so well visually documented that we wanted to find out more unknown elements of her personality.

Paola and Lindsey

We also feature MoMA curator Paola Antonelli and Lindsey Hilsum, who is the international editor and reporter at Channel 4 News. Both women have formidable reputations and they’re really powerful but they’re such warm and generous characters. It’s great to be able to showcase inspiring women like Paola and Lindsey—to celebrate their achievements but also the unexpected sides of their personalities.


Eno—our cover star—is the lead singer of Ibibio Sound Machine. She’s just so amazing, full of life, energy and her band is incredible. She gave a really uplifting interview about her family and the influence of her Ibibio heritage on her music.

Susie Bubble shot home by Francesca Jane;

Allen Paola Antonelli shot at MoMA by Clement Pascal;

Lindsey Hilsum shot at Channel 4 News by Benjamin McMahon;

Eno Williams shot at the Ibibio Sound Machine studio by David Titlow.