This week, Paris-based Le Baron resident DJs and friends are launching an original radio project. Aiming to create the best radio archive, the founders designed a very user friendly, and custom designed time-and-space musical capsule. The concept is simple: choose your decade, pick-up a country, and voila: you've tapped into a continuous stream of old hits and forgotten songs from your country of interest.

We chatted with Benjamin Moreau, one of the founders of this great project, for more insight.

Who is behind the radiooooo project?

Benjamin: The masterminds behind the Radiooooo project are Noemi Ferst, Karl Guiffray, Alexandre Grynzspan, Victor Kiswell, Anne Claire Troubat, Raphael Hamburger and myself.

How did the idea of having a time capsule radio come across?

The idea started brewing little by little due to the fact that we had been collecting music from all over the world and all periods of time for over a decade as DJs. There had to be a way for us to share all of this incredible music, to render it accessible to the world for all to enjoy! We have always despised DJs who hide their music, as if it were their own, beautiful things are meant to be shared!
Our motto at Radiooooo is: "plaisir d'offir, joie de recevoir" (the pleausure of giving and the joy of receiving.)

Who designed the site?

The site and the whole little world we've created around it has been entirely constructed by Noemi Ferst (our artistic director) and myself!
It was important for us that everything made for Radiooooo be hand made, by our own hands, using almost forgotten techniques.
We wanted to give the site a human feel to it -- made by humans for our fellow mankind.
For example, the map on the homepage was drawn by Noemi and I, using a feather point and ink. All of our movies were hand cut and glued with love, our cartoons drawn one by one on celluloid film and shot in stop-motion image by image. We even made our very own puppets, hand sewn and assembled in our studio.

Are these actually songs we could hear on the radio back in the days (or are these just songs from these era)?

Some of them are! But a lot of the music we put up on the site are songs that have been lost in time, that didn't quite make it back in the day but truly deserved time in the spotlight. In fact, this was another goal for us at Radiooooo: giving these beautiful songs a second chance for the world to discover and love them! But of course, we have a lot of our favorite classics playing too. We couldn't possibly create Radiooooo without them! But we wanted to create a balance between what we're happy to hear and what we're happy to discover.

Could you describe for us your process of getting these songs ? Any particular archives or trips?

The process is quite long. We've been looking for all these songs for over ten years now; raking through specialized blogs, musical archives of anthropologial museums, and flea markets. Also, going through our parents (and grandparents) hidden stashes in the back of their garages (and those of our friends, too!). The site is collaborative and anyone can help the library and the community grow by sending their own musical treasures, wherever they're hidden in space and time!

Is there any specific decade that's harder to document?

Not really! Of course the hardest to find are recording from the 1900s and 1910s because there were fewer artistes and even fewer recordings at the time. In France for example, [in the 1900s] there were approximately 10 recording artists -- that's it! But from then on, the musical journey is smooth sailing...

What is the future for radiooooo?

The future lies in the past! Our goal is to create the greatest musical archive ever, filled with precious gems and make the world a little sweeter for all with it [laughs]. We have a couple of special projects in the works for the next steps of Radiooooo. But for now, our priority is to keep feeding so that it will grow big and strong.