Dancer, artist, and designer Rashaad Newsome shares the inspiration behind the King Sandal, a fascinating mix of clean lines and varied textures that's guaranteed to spice up your wardrobe. Pick up a pair at The Gift Shop.

There is an interesting mix of textures and designs in this show. Could you tell about your inspiration behind the King Sandal?

The inspiration was to make something in conversation with my larger body of work that was some how more accessible. Most guys have that sort of slide so I wanted to build on that silhouette. When Pennant asked me I was happy to participate because I was drawn to the collage nature of the brand. I liked the idea of the interchangeability of them.

Why did you want to design a sandal?

When the conversation with Pennant started Art Basel was approaching so it seemed like the perfect type of shoe for us to start our series of collaborations with.

Are there any other options that didn't make the cut?

No, the design was clear from the start but there were several tests to get them to a quality I was comfortable with.