You have said that Leonardo Di Vinci would have been excited about the internet because anyone in the world can have access to it and view art for free. Do you think that the majority of artists are against showing their art online?

Many artists have a website to promote their "offline" art, but not many use the web as their main platform. They share documentation of their works. I always find this frustrating, but it is what it is.

What do you think about 3D scanning technology? Some people want to use it to make replicas of artworks that can be viewed in the classroom. Do you think that this will take away from the experience of viewing art?

I think any technology can be used in an interesting way.

Do you think that someday galleries and museums will present exhibitions solely online?

Some museums will, some won't. Online has its restrictions.

How did you come up with the idea to sell websites as art pieces?

It was an idea of Miltos Manetas'. He wrote a text about it: Click here

Can you explain the idea of a domain name as a frame?

When a file is just a file, it doesn't feel finished to me. I like using a domain name because it says "I spent some money to have this framed, it's finished now."

Do you have someone who codes all of the sites you create?

Yes, Reinier Feijen codes all my sites. I was so lucky to meet him! He's a very nice person and always finds a way to make it work!

How did you come up with BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)?

I realized that curating is a very stressful job. I thought,"Let's make it simple by emphasizing individual responsibility."

A large part of what you do now is to turn concepts from your websites into real life installations. Why do you feel it is important to bring these works into physical space?

Anything I do, I do because it interests me. Curiosity guides me.

What is one way you think we will experience the internet differently in the (near) future?

Social media fatigue.

Can you walk me through the process of creating one of your web pieces (how do you decide on the sounds, movements, etc.)?

Being bored, dreamy, sketching with a pencil, sketching on the computer (Adobe Illustrator), Google image search, Sketchup, rough animation in Flash, Skype with programmer, build HTML5/JS prototypes, test, change values (like speed, colors, etc.) until I'm happy, find domain name, publish.

Why do you think we find it interesting to watch something like popcorn popping on the computer screen when we can experience it in real life?

Depiction can make you see things through someone else's eyes.

You are a fan of simple ideas, how do you describe your aesthetic?

Digital frugality.

Can you talk about your RR haikus? Are these in some way part of your philosophy?

They started because someone in Japan thought my internet pieces are like haiku, distilling reality into an essence. He wrote a haiku for me. I felt very honored! Then I started reading about haiku and I was amazed by it. There is a famous haiku by Matsu Basho:

An Old Pond
A Frog Jumps 

Isn't it amazing? I felt very inspired so I started making some of my own. I'm just beginning but maybe in 50 years I'll make a really good one.

You love the internet so much that you tattooed the word to the inside of your bottom lip. Do you ever feel the need to be offline?

Sometimes I feel the need to break the routine. Then I go for a walk without my phone.