We all need music to escape a little bit from the day-to-day, even when that grind ends up being a world completely surrounded by performing and touring your latest tunes.

This fall, Brooklyn hip-hop crew Pro Era hit the road to tour the biggest release to date for the their front man with Joey Bada$$’s commercial debut, B4D A$$. While we chatted with next in line CJ Fly on his preparation for the tour for the all new Sonos blog, we also asked the crew to document what they were listening to while wasting away their hours on the road. What we found was an eclectic mix to satisfy just about any hip-hop fan, old or new school that speaks well to the inherited New York sound that Pro’s have encapsulated for the last few years.

Check out tour dates for the Pro Era crew, and don’t miss the latest single from Joey, Christ Conscious, available on iTunes now.