To coincide with the launch of The Newsstand our curator and collaborator Lele Saveri selected some favorite music themed zines from the 8-Ball archives.

Spanning the last 30 years and a handful of genres, this printed matter has led the way for music publishing today and continues to inspire fan zines. The below quotes are Lele’s thoughts and reasons for selecting these pieces as some of the most iconic music based zines in his collection.

“New Order” by Unknown, self-published - Edition unknown
“One of the best fan-zines I’ve encountered. Made for New Order’ first tour in the US.” (thanks Weirdo Dave)

“Off Beat”, San Diego 1988
My favorite No-wave zine / magazine. From the 1980’s, filled with quality high contrast black and white images.”

“Zig Zag”, London 1969 - 1982, Mentorbridge LTD.
A magazine about the early punk and goth scene, mostly from the UK. This issue is part of the second life of the magazine, after a break in 1973. The zine is a mix of black and white newspaper print and glossy color paper with a very good section of fan-zines reviews.”

“Blue Juice”, Earlsdon, Coventry, West Midlands early 1990s, Swamp Publications
“A quality look into the American Indie scene of the early 1990s, al in black and white.”

“Mondo 2000”, NYC early 1990s, Elektra Press
“Beautiful layouts for this early ‘90s magazine dedicated to the industrial Goth and Rave scene focused mainly on New York City.”

“Delirium”, NYC 1990s, Delirium INC.
“Probably the best magazine about any sort of “dark-music”, from Death Metal to Goth. Beautiful articles about how to be Goth and suffer in this oppressive world.”

“Maximumrocknroll” Berkley 1980s, MRR
“One of the most important punk zines from the US. Maximumrocknroll started off as a radio show for the Berkley’s KPFA, and was the main outlet and voice for Californian punks until the mid 2000’s.”

“Magnet”, Philadelphia 1992, PRG communications
“This monthly magazine showcases every kind of underground music from the ‘90s. Very sharp articles, good layout, and black and white images.”

“Vogueing” by Francesca Tamse, self-published - Edition of 10
“A very smart selection of images of vogueing.”

“Melody Maker”, London 1980s, IPC Magazines
“The first ever music magazine in history, founded in 1926 and directed to the musicians. In 2000 the magazine merged with long-standing rival New Music Express (NME). This classic addition features beautiful layouts, images and quality coverage of music events.”