If you spend any time looking at fashion online, it would be impossible to not recognize Preston — he's a lifestyle guru, star of VFILES "Model Files", his mock funeral was the subject of a New Yorker article, and just generally he is a great model casting director working in New York City. For a Fashion Week B-Sides, he seemed like he would be the perfect candidate with a very key smartphone — and we figured there would be some good selfies involved, too.

Delving into the stressful process of casting during New York Fashion Week, Preston shares with us an intimate look at its highs and lows, along with some insights on his meditative and self-affirming ways to cope through it all. About these selects, he adds the following:

"I just got my phone so the images on here are not TOO diverse. I decided to make the most of it and made it into a narrative that really reflects me."