As WAX magazine's issue 6 launches today, we are really thrilled to share exclusive outtakes from this bi-annual print publication exploring the intersection of art, culture and surfing. David Yun, WAX's Editor-in-Chief, gives us a special introduction to this gorgeous series, entitled "Pleasure Beach", which was shot during an adventurous nightwalk on the Connecticut shore.

"Our friend, fellow artist and designer Emily Larned, once told us about an abandoned peninsula near her house called Pleasure Beach. She'd been organizing seasonal walks which took you from the Connecticut mainland to Pleasure Beach and had been encouraging us to join her for a few years. The stories of derelict houses, carousel debris and exotic flora intrigued us, so we saw it as an opportune moment to capture this story when we decided on the theme of “Secrecy” for issue 6.

We actually shot it twice: once during the day with Emily and then once at night (which are the images that made it into the magazine). Photographer Rob Kulisek braved the walk by himself that night, sending us a screen shot of a dropped pin of his location before he went offline. If he hadn't already been one of our favorite photographers to work with before that night, he would have earned that badge after it."

You can purchase WAX issue 6 here.