Riot of Perfume heads Eugenie Dalland & Tanya Merrill explore the chaos of a model’s daily life in their latest issue. With a photo spread shot on model Lida Fox’s disposable camera, they talk about their friend and photographer, and share their outtakes with Allday.

Why did you want to feature Lida Fox’s portfolio? How does her series tie into Riot of Perfume’s spirit?  What is her series about?

Eugenie: Lida started taking pictures with disposable cameras a couple of years ago. She works as a model and uses photography as an opportunity to document her day-to-day life, which is often pretty insane. We’ve been friends for a while and actually used to be roommates, which is how I first saw her photos. I’m always looking for new documentary work to publish, and its especially interesting to work with people who don’t actually classify themselves as photographers, or least who aren’t known for their photography. We published some incredible pictures in our 6th issue, for instance, by the musician Mark C from Live Skull.

Tanya: Lida is great, she’s really joyful and genuine and she always has her camera with her, documenting her friends, travels, concerts, etc. It makes for fun documentary work—sincere, sexy, goofy, youthful, laughing, sometimes dirty, sometimes glamorous.