Molly Walls and Lauren Field are two young photographers living on opposite ends of the country: the former in rural eastern Washington, in relative isolation; the latter right in the beating heart of NYC. This project tracks their mail correspondence in handwritten notes and photographs. It offers a close-up view of their artistic process as they share ideas, impressions, and fragments of their lives, in an attempt to create a collaborative piece that conveys the experience of working with an old friend a world away.

In this first installment, they reflect on the relation between memory and place. Lauren's writing describes a forest at the base of Mount Hood where she and Molly first posed for one another, before branching off into an impressionistic history of their friendship. Molly takes a slightly different approach, recounting for Lauren the story of a car breakdown in Gold Beach, Oregon, which threatened to derail an already turbulent road trip. She writes the piece in second person, addressing her boyfriend's father, who was, oddly enough, stranded in Gold Beach thirty years prior.

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Lauren's letter to Molly:

Molly's answer to Lauren: