In the second installment of the Street Sense series, photographer Sean Maung is investigating the sights unseen in New York City, getting to the heart of what makes each district so unique and storied. Combining sight with sound, he provides audio recordings of each area to heighten his visuals, and to provide a greater insight into the reality of these communities. He tells us more about Hell's Kitchen, and its longstanding peep show culture.

"Recently, I saw a short film called "Doin' Time in Times Square", directed by the legendary Charlie Ahearn — the director sits in his apartment just off 43rd and 8th avenue, and videotapes all the street life below — all that was happening back in the 1980's.

I got inspired by that film and started hanging out and taking pictures in Hell's Kitchen myself — from 34th to 42nd street between 8th and 9th avenue. One element of life that greatly interested me was the peep shows that still happen there. You walk into these spots, and you can watch porn videos for a dollar or more. There are also live shows, with men and women in the booths. There's also an element of "cruising", wherein a lot of gay men go to hook up anonymously. To me it represented this idea of "old New York", and what lies beneath the commerical tourism surrounding that neighborhood today."