With the NY Art Book Fair at PS1 coming up this weekend, the team at Pau Wau Publications has selected five  recently published books to check out, all of which are available for sale at their table. 

Harold Hunter by Todd Jordan

Todd approached us about making a book of these photo's he had of Harold Hunter to celebrate what would have been Harold's 40th birthday. The images were taken in 1999 and exist on just one roll of film. Tony Cederteg art directed the project and it has a simplistic power to it. Once the edition has sold out the profits from this book will be donated to the Harold Hunter Foundation.

Linfinite Jest by Andrew Kuo

This project was conceived as a joint venture with 8-Ball Zines. We made this book in a limited edition of 100 and the interior is purely xeroxed but then case bound with a cloth cover. The content refers to the "Linsanity" that occurred in 2012 while Jeremy Lin was at the New York Knicks. The interior contains stats and various artworks Kuo made including manipulated newspaper covers and drawings that sometimes comment and suggest the racial tension surrounding Lin’s rise and eventually exit from the team.

Commuters by Lele Saveri

The commuters project was started while Lele was running The Newsstand - during his 7 months underground at the Lorimer Subway stop in Brooklyn he would shoot portraits of all the passers by. We made the book to say farewell to The Newsstand and celebrate the multicultural community of the New York Subway system. Each book was produced using a random sequence so no two are exactly the same.

Nat Sethi by Nathaniel Matthews & Nick Sethi

We approached Nat and Nick to make a collaborative zine that's content was made exclusively for it. Drawing inspiration from both their personal works and their friendship the zine acts as a sort of calendar - perforated pages are encouraged to be torn to reveal more images. The spiral bind adds a revolving door style pace which compliments the work.

The Following is for Reference Only by Andreas Laszlo Konrath

This book was produced as a compendium of six previous zines being compiled into one new larger volume in an edition of 250. Previously unpublished images were added from Andreas' archive and the book catalogues the original zines in it's index. The photographs span nearly 10 years of work while also documenting and referencing the beginnings of Pau Wau Publications.