PACKET is a bi-weekly publication based in New York City. Curated and designed by Chris Nonsenzo, each risograph-printed, hand-stapled issue publishes art by a variety of contributors, offering emerging artists a place to share new work. PACKET also has a bi-weekly show on Know-Wave Radio. We talked with Chris about the five things he’s into right now.

1. Bonito flakes

To make dashi, or on silky tofu, it's just too good.

2. Popcaan "Where We Come From"

Probably the album of the summer for me. Only song I skip is the one with Pusha T.

3. Monterosso

Got back last week on a trip with my girlfriend Christine (who also works on Packet). Pebble beaches, clear water, Lingurian anchovies — so sad to leave.

4. Dorling Kindersley

Started looking at these again for the first time since I was a kid. So much richness in how the layout and content work together. Definitely a peak in print.

5. Suns with sunglasses

A cliché of existential levels. Think this is going to be a big project for me sometime soon.