Sight Unseen is completely intrigued by Australia. It almost feels like a parallel universe sometimes — it’s on the totally opposite side of the world from us, and it has its own thriving design scene that we’re constantly being reminded we know precious little about. That’s how we felt a few weeks ago when the Sydney-based creative studio Page Thirty Three contacted us out of the blue to introduce us to their latest collection, Optical Delusion, which consists of shelves, lamps, chairs, and tables inspired by puzzles, simple mechanics, and neolithic forms. Now we’re introducing it to you. Scroll down to see images from Page Thirty Three’s new collection, much of which is hand-crafted in their own workshop, and read our company's manifesto at the bottom of the page. 


Page Thirty Three is an Australian based creative design company which creates functional artworks and objects. Formed in 2010 by Bianca Riggio and Ryan Hanrahan, Page Thirty Three explores the friction and fluidity created by the human and earth relationship. They seek to create points of harmony within this realm. By combining design, functionality, and utility, with art, irony, natural healing, and ecology, Page Thirty Three lives in the aether between the two arcs of a hyperbola. They draw reference and inspiration from trees, flowers, weeds, art, history, design, and the street. They love simple rituals, comfortable spaces, and natural themes. With a clear focus on Australian design & Australian manufacture, many of Page Thirty Three’s objects are hand crafted at their Sydney studio using renewable materials, ecologically friendly packaging, and a positive frame of mind.

This content has been edited and condensed, originally appearing on Sight Unseen