We caught Danielle Greco at the kickoff of her career. The young fashion buyer for the creative platform, VFILES, started “Danielle Live!,” a TV show that follows her into multiple hilarious situations from judging books from their cover, talking about men she hates, and style trends. We took the TV host on a date to find out what it takes to run a show where things don’t make sense 95% of the time, but yet remains meaningful.

What’s your main interest in doing this show?

This show means a ton to me. Our user is very young and I want to be that lunatic older sister for them. I want girls to know they can be crazy, loud, funny, opinionated, and that’s all okay. I want young people to know there’s SO MANY different types of subcultures out there in regards to music, art, sports and so on. That’s what VFILES is and I’ll sacrifice the appearance of my own sanity to get that messaging across.

As a host, how did you find your voice?

My voice as a host and in everyday life is exactly the same. Anything I’d say behind closed doors eating a PayDay (sponsor me PayDay) with my dog, I’d say on camera. Side note: my actual physical voice was founded in 1990 in Northeast Philly—it’s so cringe worthy it just adds to the whole debacle.

“I have no idea what I am saying 95% of the time—for my entire life.”

Who are the main “men you hate” and why?

The “Men I Hate” segment has been a hit. This will be an ongoing segment in the season! The main man I hate is Joey from “Friends”: I can not handle him in any aspect. He’s a cringy dood. WHO LIKES STUPID MEN WITH COOL HAIR???? Second one is probably “Big Bob” Pataki from “Hey Arnold”: it’s the whole controlling sexist dad with a gut thing. However would I buy a beeper from him? ... YES.

How do you come with ideas for a show? Do you rely on improvisation?

The show’s concept is a team effort with the VFILES TV production crew. I’ve been working with them on videos since the beginning. They throw me in insane situations and I just agree to them because I lost my chill years ago. The producers and I come up with a structure then I go in and make it my own via improv. I have no idea what I am saying 95% of the time—for my entire life.

“My show is made for the ADHD ­generation.”

How did “Danielle Live!” start?

We have a ton of original content on VFILES. I hosted a bunch of different series like “Out Hear” which focuses on music and “VFSN” which is our holiday shopping networks show. But, we were missing a fashion ­specific weekly show. We started by filming this in the street out front of the store—we'd do one take and then I'd just hear "OK GO!" It was quite literally “Live!” at that point.

The show is hitting season two and it’s quite different from season one.

The original focus of the show for season one was a quick shopping guide with funny anecdotes. However, VFILES encompasses much more than a shop and we wanted to grab VFILES fam from our platform, art from our users and do a chaotic mash up of my inner workings out and about in this big scary world. It’s made for the ADHD ­generation. I think it takes a big risk to do something WAY different than 99% of the “content” out there. It’s all twisted, fun, inclusive and a bit cheeky in true VFILES fashion.

“I want girls to know they can be crazy, loud, funny, opinionated, and that’s all okay.”

Have you proposed your show to Netflix? Will you?

Right now the video is live on on the VFILESTV page. I’m what I would call a VFILES ­exclusive digital diva currently. Obviously, bringing “Danielle Live! ”to the whole universe and having it stream for aliens on Mars is in my 5 year plan though.

What are you doing this weekend?

I don’t do anything... ever. Common misconception though (that I do stuff). My weekends are free but I often spend them in the shop because I am a workaholic, so come by 12 Mercer and see what’s up.