Join us tonight, November 11th from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. for an exhibition of new works from artists Matt McCormick & Othelo Gervacio. Our Project Space is located at 2028 East 7th Street between Mateo Street and Santa Fe Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles. 

At a time when truth is subjective, facts are unavailable, and our reality seems in flux, perception is everything. "Not As It Seems, Nothing As it Seems". a show of new work by the artists Matt McCormick and Othelo Gervacio, is a clarion call for contemplation.

Despite working on opposite coasts - McCormick in California, Gervacio in New York - the artists distill their distinct visions through similar lenses: just as they take nothing for granted they seem to be asking that we don't either. Whether they elicit sympathy or anger, fear or compassion, the two bodies of work are both a comment on current affairs and a challenge to examine our own perceptions. Apathy is not an option.


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