Maia Ruth Lee, artistic explorer and exploratory artist extraordinaire, is giving us a sneak peek at the book of photographs she put together with her pal, Peter Sutherland. Here is what she has to say about the history of the title and the collaborative chemistry behind the images.
“My father calls all of the imitated North Face stuff sold in Nepal ‘North Fake.’ It brings people warmth at a cheap rate.” (Excerpted from their book.)

"Peter and I met two and a half years ago in Kathmandu. I put a silk khata around his neck as he arrived at the airport, which is a Tibetan tradition used to express greetings. 'Welcome to Nepal' was the first thing I ever said to him, and he replied, 'Are you from Cali?' "

"After spending three weeks in Nepal together we knew fun things were ahead of us. Afterwards, we put our photos from that trip into a book and titled it North Fake. They are his first images of my home, and my images through a new set of eyes. The book has been out for a while now, but was never properly released!"